About Direct Finance

Direct Finance is a consumer credit company, which belongs to Direct Insurance Financial Investments Ltd. Group.
21 years ago the Direct insurance group revolutionized the field in Israel while launching Yashir IDI through an innovative marketing concept – selling insurance over the phone without an agent.
Yashir IDI is a public company (traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange) and is one of the leading companies in the insurance field in Israel.
The establishment of Direct Finance:
Yashir IDI has decided to expand its activities in the financial field and provide extensive and complete solutions for the financial needs of its clients.
It had started working in the field of consumer credit through the Direct Finance Company of the Yashir IDI Group in January 2007.


Direct Finance – Services:

Providing complete solutions in consumer credit for car equity loans in Israel.
Developing packages of funding and insurance solutions in a variety of unique and reasonable options.
Funding cars through deals based on monthly fees.
Striving towards cost and time reduction, while maintaining the values of the Yashir IDI Insurance Group.
Creating co-operations with leading companies in complimentary fields.


Direct Finance – Co-operations:

In the spirit of the Yashir IDI Insurance Group,  Direct Finance initiates new co-operations with leading groups in the auto industry, such as: car importers, car dealerships, car lots, leasing and renting companies and testing and licensing agencies. Direct Finance thus became an exclusive provider of leading trade-in agencies in Israel. Through this co-operation the clients enjoy fast payment options, up to 100 installments, regular and changing benefits and service of the highest quality.

Direct Finance as a One Stop Shop:

The company enables a combined deal in one single spot – for car loans, payments funding for acquiring new or second-hand cars and auto insurance. Direct Finance assists any individual to acquire a car in the shortest amount of time through non-bank loans, guidance and professional consulting.
Contact Information:
35 Efal st.
Adgar Tower
Petah Tikva 4951132
Tel: +972-3-7215555
Fax: +972-3-7605558
E-mail:  cs@5555.co.il